Llanfair Slate Caverns

Chwarel Hên




Slate Caverns


Your Adventure Awaits!

Enter the caverns

This is a self guided tour, so grab your torch and helmet and start your journey deep through the depths of the mountain

Begin Your Descent

Cavern No1, with an impressive overhead entrance, allows the last sunlight to stream in before descending Jacobs Ladder

Main Cavern

Totally Man-Made

Our caverns have stayed as the miners left them, built over 100 years ago. Look for scars in the rock made by the miners tools


The Shop and Cafe

Once above ground, we've got plenty to keep you in awe. Our amazing collection of precious, naturally formed gemstones will keep children in awe long after exploring below the mountains, while our beautiful collection of Welsh slate will make the perfect gift. Or you could visit the cafe, with homemade cakes and stunning views!


We haven't messed with our caverns, so while you won't find flashy gimmicks, you will experience our slate caverns as the miners did before you. It's a fact that we're proud of