Your Adventure Awaits!


Enter The Caverns

This is a totally self guided tour, so grab your torch and helmet and start your journey deep through the depths of the mountain just as the miners once did - remember to mind your head through the winding corridors!

Beggin Your descent

Your first stop is Cavern No1, with an impressive overhead entrance allowing light to stream in. As you descend Jacobs Ladder, this is the last natural light you'll find - so keep those torches ready

Made By Hand

Our caverns have stayed just as the miners left them, built by hand over 100 years ago. Look out for the scars in the rock where the men once chiseled their way through in nothing but candlelight 


Bring Home Precious Stones

Above ground you'll find a shop full of remarkable stones. These amazing creations are all natural and sourced from around the world, making ideal gifts or home accessories


a shop for the kids

Our vast collection of small stones include **, and never fail to leave children in wonder 


Stunning Setting

With views spanning the Llyn Peninsular, your ascent from the depths of the mountain will be all the more impressive. We recommend popping over to the cafe to take in the views